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Hardy Boys Book Planter


This fun book planter was handcrafted from upcycled copies of Hardy Boys detective books for boys.

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Picture this brilliant blue Hardy Boys book planter in your home!

Decorate your room with this book planter featuring Hardy Boys adventures books

Cheer up any room from a child’s room to family room to playroom to nursery, with this bright blue book planter featuring five books from the Hardy Boys mystery series. This Franklin W. Dixon book planter is sure to please fans of the Hardy Boys books.  Whether you read the books years ago or just discovered the Hardy Boys adventure series, this book planter will be a great addition to your Hardy Boys collection.

This handcrafted planter features five Hardy Boys mysteries by Franklin W. Dixon,
“Danger of Vampire Trail,”
“The Shore Road Mystery,”
“The Ghost at Skeleton Rock,”
“The Clue of the Hissing Serpent”
“The Secret of Wildcat Swamp.”

This fun planter is ready for your 4″ houseplant .  Book planters look wonderful in any room, from book themed room decor in a child’s room to family room to library bookshelf.  

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  • Handcrafted from upcycled books.
  • Measures approximately 8″ x 6” x 3-3/4” including the provided plastic pot.
  • My Booklandia’s book planters are carefully handmade and designed for functional use as indoor planters.
  • Each planter contains a built-in drip tray and the inside of the plant pot opening is lined with plastic and a basket liner. The cover of the topmost book is also treated with water repellent.
  • Includes a 4″ plastic pot.  Pictured plant is not included.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 6 in


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