Jane Austen Book Coasters and Romantic Pressed Flower Bookmark


Fans of Jane Austen will be thrilled with this wonderful set of Jane Austen book coasters and wonderful lovely book page bookmark.

Every coaster is different and made from actual repurposed Jane Austen book dust jackets from Pride and Prejudice to Mansfield Park. From the front cover, to inside the book details, you’ll have wonderful and colorful glimpses inside these Jane Austen favorites with these unique coasters.

You’ll also receive one Pride and Prejudice bookmark made using actual pages from a recycled copy of Pride and Prejudice. I add real pressed wildflowers and other wild flora picked and pressed by me at my California home in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

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Coasters are made from an actual repurposed book dust jacket applied to real book covers with a non-slip cork backing. Because they’re made from recycled materials, each coaster is unique, making every coaster a fun bookish gift perfect for book lovers, librarians and readers of all ages.


📚 Set of four Jane Austen book coasters PLUS one Jane Austen Romantic Pressed Flower Bookmark.
📚 Coasters are handcrafted from recycled materials including dust jackets and book covers from actual recycled books. Each coaster is unique due to natural variations in the thickness of the book covers and the dust jackets used, so each coaster is different.
📚 Every bookmark has wildflowers, ferns, wild grasses or other wild flora that I personally pick during spring, then press and dry at my home in the Sierra Nevada foothills. The wildflowers are laminated directly to the book page, sealing the beauty inside. Every bookmark is topped with a satin ribbon.
📚 Coasters measures approximately 4″ in diameter. Coasters are made from recycled book covers so the thickness of each coaster varies.

COASTERS: Not dishwasher safe. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Avoid abrasive towels and sponges, cleaning sprays, bleach and hand sanitizers.

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